Nulogy’s Agile Customization Platform

In today’s volatile and fast-paced market, leading suppliers of manufacturing and packaging services need to move nimbly and quickly to be competitive. Summit Container leverages Nulogy’s platform to orchestrate the many moving pieces of its production environment, access real-time production data for quick decision-making, and integrate seamlessly with customers to provide superior quality and service levels for our customers.

Benefits of Nulogy’s Platform


Real-time production metrics and the seamless flow of end-to-end data helps Summit maximize labor productivity, identify and troubleshoot shop floor issues, and save hundreds of hours on administrative, data collection, and reporting activities. Connected production and inventory capabilities helps us reduce on-hand materials storage without risking production shortages.


Capabilities to easily manage labor, control inventory, and improve efficiency, allows Summit to achieve customer “on-time, in-full” targets, while delivering more with less.


Nulogy helps Summit build trust with our customers by ensuring the quality control of our products, the accuracy of data that flows from our business to our customers, and the full inventory and lot code traceability as materials flow through our warehouse, shop floor and production processes.
On Nulogy’s platform, Summit Container has the end-to-end tools to run more efficient and reliable operations, helping our customers deliver customized products with ease, speed, and quality.